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High-speed switching performance and high-voltage capabilities

An IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is a semiconductor device that combines the high-speed switching performance of a power MOSFET with the high-voltage/high-current capabilities of a bipolar transistor. Fuji Electric’s IGBT modules are designed for use as switching elements for power converters of variable speed drives for motors, uninterruptable power supplies and others.

Series List: X series 650 V, 1200 V, 1700 V, 3300V Class


Features of IGBT module X series

1. Low loss

Optimised modules (thinner and smaller structure of the IGBT and diode chips)


reduce power losses during inverter operation.*
*compared with the V series (6th generation) 

2. Miniturization

The innovative insulating plate improves the heat dissipation of the module. By reducing power dissipation and suppressing heat generation, a footprint that is about 36 % smaller than that of the predecessor product has been achieved.

3. High Temperature Operation

Continuous operation at 175 °C through optimised chip, improved package reliability and heat resistance.

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