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Drives & Automation


Fuji Electric’s Drives & Automation products offer a wide range of solutions to diverse industries. You can find Fuji Electric VFDs in applications like machine tools, conveyors, hoists, cranes, packaging, printing, car wash, escalators, lifts (electrical and hydraulic), iron and steel, solar pumping, HVAC, and water and wastewater treatment. With a focus on precision and productivity, our solutions optimize the performance of machines, optimize processes, ensuring seamless operations and high-quality output. The overall aim is to reduce energy consumption. HVAC systems are optimized for higher comfort and reduced energy consumption.

Water and wastewater treatment plants rely on our solutions for reliable pump operations and process control. For building transportation, Fuji Electric's drives and automation technologies enable smooth and energy-efficient escalators and lifts. Embracing renewable energy, our drives power solar pumping systems for cost-effective water supply solutions. Industries such as iron and steel benefit from strong high-performance equipment, increasing efficiency and sustainability. In the packaging and printing industries, their drives optimize processes, ensuring seamless operations and high-quality output. Car wash facilities benefit from reliable drives powering conveyor systems.

With a commitment to excellence, Fuji Electric’s Drives & Automation continues to shape a smarter and technologically advanced future, serving businesses worldwide with customized solutions that drive efficiency and productivity.

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