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Small IPM

Small IPM

The Fuji Small Intelligent Power Module (Small IPM) offers many features for convenient and easy system integration.
It uses Fuji Electric’s latest chip generation for low loss, the X series. An integrated gate driver IC and highly optimized internal structure enable optimal switching performance. On-chip current and temperature sensors enable fast and reliable control of the module. The Small IPM has integrated protection functions against short circuit and undervoltage. 
All functions are integrated in an ultra-compact DIP package with very low thermal resistance and a high isolation voltage of > 1.5 kV AC.


Small IPMs are particularly suitable for applications like air conditioning and hybrid and electric vehicle exciters.


  • Analog temperature output
  • Integrated gate driver IC
  • Low switching and saturation loss
  • Short circuit protection
  • Under voltage protection
  • Fault signal output
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • On-chip current sensor

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