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IGBT | 6-Pack


The 6-Pack / EconoPACK™ with 7th generation X Series is a product that integrates a 3-phase inverter circuit into a single module, enabling a compact design of the main circuit. Solder and press-fit pin terminals are available for connecting the PCB to the module terminals.

*EconoPACK™ is a registered trademark of Infineon Technologies AG, Germany.


  • Better Loss and Low power dissipation
  • Full Inverter in just one module :  Pretty High Integration / Miniaturization of medium power systems
  • High temperature operation


  • Optimized modules by reducing the thickness and smaller structure of both IGBT and Diode chips. It has the advantage to reduce power dissipation during Inverter operation compared to the previous generation V series modules.
  • Higher Power Density permits to get the same previous power in smaller packages.
  • The new chip in conjunction with improved package materials and lower heat resistance, permits continuous operation at 175 °C through optimized chip

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