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Intelligent power modules that ensure high system reliability

Fuji Electric has developed a new generation of IPM*, which are ideally suited for air conditioners, inverters and servo systems. 
The application of IGBT chip technology to the new IPMs results in a significant reduction of losses. Combined with the maximised operating temperature due to the high heat resistant package technology, the use of the new IPM series will allow energy savings and reduction of your applications.

Besides our proven IPM V Series 600 V / 1200 V Class modules (covering capacities up to 400 A / 600 V and 200 A / 1200 V) we offer the IPM X Series 650 V / 1200 V Class (covering capacities up to 450 A / 650 V and 300 A / 1200 V) as well as the Small Capacity IPM X Series 600 V / 650 V Class, a series covering capacities up to 75 A / 600 V.

*An IPM (Intelligent power module) contains a control IC with an IGBT drive circuit and a protection circuit, making it easy to design peripheral circuits and ensure high system reliability.



  • Driver and Protections circuits integrated in it
  • Very High Integration / System Miniaturization
  • High temperature operation


  • Drives and Protection circuitries optimized for the embedded special IGBT Chip – which integrates the Temperature and Current sensors – permit a fast reaction of the internal electronics so to save the module even under extreme heavy conditions. Those circuitries are also reducing the loss to have even a more efficient system.
  • Higher Power Density permits to get the same previous power even in smaller packages.
  • The new chip in conjunction with improved package materials and lower heat resistance, permits continuous operation up at 150 °C that means to have +25°C margin versus the previous V-series IPMs

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