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IGBT | 3-Level


3-Level modules are suitable for photovoltaic power generation systems or UPS (uninterruptible power systems). Fuji Electric provides IGBT modules compatible with both T-type and I-type 3-level circuits. Particularly, Fuji Electric’s uniquely developed RB-IGBT (Reverse Blocking) chip is used for an AC switch on T-type modules to realize a low loss.


Series list

IGBT Module 3 Level V series 1200V, 1700V


  • Increased efficiency
  • 2-level waveform
  • Reduced LC filter and unit size (compared to the 2-level type)
  • Lower system costs due to fewer switching losses


  • Lower system costs due to fewer switching losses
  • Lower surge voltage by smaller internal package stray inductance
  • Lower power dissapation can be achieved by using RB-IGBT for a AC switch on T-type


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