Cabinet Solution

Fuji Electric has developed the customized cabinet solution: The cabinets are 100% designed based on the customer’s needs. The customer chooses size, inverter type and options, depending on their application and space.
We arrange all the rest.

Available for the inverter series FRENIC-HVAC, FRENIC-AQUA, FRENIC-Ace, FRENIC-MEGA, FRENIC-VG.





  • Compact IP54 for cost-efficient installation (IP44 optional on request)
  • 110 to 710 kW as a standard solution. Other sizes and capacities upon request.
  • EMC filter built-in
  • DC Reactor always included
  • 4 different cabinet topologies: inverter alone / inverter + fuses / inverter + main switch / inverter + fuses + main switch
  • Height selectable for some power sizes
  • Keypad on door optional
  • Option cards available (several fieldbuses, real time clock backup battery, D I/O, A I/O, Pt 100/1000 options)
  • STO (SIL2 or SIL3 depending on the inverter type) 

- availability according to related inverter series -