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Low voltage drives

Introducing FRENIC-MEGA G2: the future of frequency inverters

As the successor to the renowned G1 series, the FRENIC-MEGA G2 provides an intuitive design with an exceptional level of flexibility, functionality and reliability to meet the diverse needs of any application.

With its advanced core features, the FRENIC-MEGA G2 demonstrates advanced responsiveness, allowing you to achieve optimal control and precision in your operations. Whether you're driving motors, controlling pumps, or managing various industrial processes, this powerful drive delivers continuous performance and efficiency.

The FRENIC-MEGA G2 offers environmentally friendly features that help you reduce energy consumption and minimize your carbon footprint. Combining sustainability with functionality, it sets a new standard for responsible and efficient operation.


  • Faster operating speeds
  • Enhanced response
  • Can be used with any motor(IM and PMSM) (new!)
  • Expands the capacity of the built-in braking transistor type
  • Orientation function (new!)
  • Compliant with the revised European RoHS directive
  • Globally compliant (CE, cUL, UKCA, EAC)
  • PID auto tuning function (new!)
  • Load limiter (new!)
  • Load adaptive control (new!)
  • Customizable logic functions
  • Supports a variety of networks
  • Enhanced network functions
  • Same mounting dimensions as G1
  • Expanded customizable logic functions
  • Easy parameter migration
  • Designed with new operation keypad (new!)
  • Enhances alarm history and traceback functions (new!)
  • Life expectancy diagnosis and maintenance functions
  • Long like expectancy of the main components
  • Improves environmental resistance
  • Globally compliant (CE, cUL, UKCA)

Built-in option cards

  • PG interface card (OPC-PG)
  • PG interface card (5V line driver) (OPC-PG2)
  • PG interface card (5V line driver x 2 systems) (OPC-PG22)
  • PG interface card for synchronous motor drive (OPC-PMPG2)
  • Relay output interface card (OPC-RY)
  • Digital interface card (OPC-DI)
  • Digital interface card (OPC-DO)
  • Analog interface car (OPC-AIO)


Built-in option cards

  • Multi-protocol Ethernet communication card (OPC-ETM)
  • DeviceNet communication card (OPC-DEV)
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication card (OPC-PDP2)
  • CC-Link communication card (OPC-CCL)
  • SX bus communication card (OPC-SX)
  • T-Link communication card (OPC-TL)
  • CANopen communication card (OPC-COP2)

Other Options:

  • Multifunctional keypad (TP-A2SW)
  • Keypad TP-E2
  • Extension table for remote control
  • IP40 compatible attachment
  • External cooling attachment
  • Control terminal block


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