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SiC Devices
ALL-SiC Modules

All SiC-Modules

All-SiC modules use a SiC-MOSFET device instead of a Si-IGBT, which strongly reduces the switching losses compared to silicon IGBT modules.

The low losses enable very high switching frequencies, highly efficient power electronic systems and reduce the neccessary cooling effort.   


Series list:


  • Significant loss reduction through the use of SiC trench gate MOSFET – 70 % reduction compared to 7th Generation silicon IGBT (X-Series)
  • Packages are compatible to conventional Si-IGBT modules
  • Low inductance packages
  • STD package for high temperature operation (Tjmax 175 °C)


  • Smaller passive components due higher switching frequency
  • Higher efficiency
  • Compact design of application design

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