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Servo Systems
Alpha 7

The supremely elaborated control functions make Fuji Electric’s servo system ALPHA7 one of the fastest and most precise servo systems in the market of servo drive controls. 

It supports a wide range of monitoring functions and is reliable at the same time. Customer requirements are being met to the point: it increases productivity and safety and reduces costs.


Fuji Electric's proprietary control algorithm achieves a speed and frequency response at 3.2 kHz – the highest level in the industry. It allows ultra-high-speed control and reduces the takt time.
Safer operations are ensured by various adjustable safety functions. The STO function is integrated as standard according to IEC 61800-5-2. In addition, the WSU-ST1 option adds support for SS1, SLS, SBC and SSM.
The 24-bit resolution INC/ABS encoder allows high-precision control.
A maximum instantaneous torque of the servo motor of 350 %* allows a response to high-speed commands. *applicable only to certain models


  •  Functional safety option WSU-ST1 (SS1, SLS, SBC, SSM, ISO13849-1 Cat. 3 PL-d, IEC 61508 SIL2, IEC 62061 SIL CL2). To be installed on the side face of Alpha7 amplifier main until. Control power +24 V required.


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