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Low voltage drives

The best performing inverter in the market

With the FRENIC-VG, Fuji Electric has combined its best technologies in one model to bring the VFD with the best performance to the market. In addition to the basic functions, the model convinces with these improvements: support for applications that were previously difficult to implement due to technical and performance limits, easier and user-friendly maintenance, and greater environmental protection and safety.

The FRENIC-VG frequency inverters are now available as a unit type and a stack type.



  • Powerful:
    from 30 kW to 3 MW in dual rating (MD/LD)
  • Regenerative (converter) and non-regenerative (rectifier) feed-in unit from 132 kW to 3 MW
  • Flexible:
    IM control (open and closed loop) and PMSM control (closed loop) control
  • Easy to install
  • Mitigation of harmonic distortion:
    regenerative feed-in unit with sinusoidal wave, 12 pulses, etc.
  • Make full use of the advantages of DC link distribution:
    several design options
  • Redundancy:
    possibility of operating at half power in case of maintenance or stack failur
  • Non-stop function and other possibilities
  • Safety made easy:
    STO, SS1, SLS, SBC
  • Available as 690 VAC series

Fieldbus options:

  • T-Link communication card (OPC-VG1-TL)
  • CC-Link communication card (OPC-VG1-CCL)
  • SX bus communication card (OPC-VG1-SX)
  • E-SX communication card (OPC-VG1-ESX)
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication card (OPC-VG1-PDP)
  • PROFINET-IRT communication card (OPC-VG1-PNET)
  • DeviceNet communication card (OPC-VG1-DEV)
  • Terminal block for high-speed communication (OPC-VG1-TBSI)

Other options:

  • Synchronized interface (OPC-VG1-SN)
  • Analog input/output interface expansion card (OPC-VG1-AIO)
  • Digital input (OPC-VG1-DI)
  • Digital input/output (OPC-VG1-DIO)
  • PG interface card / + 5 V line driver (OPC-VG1-PG)
  • PG interface card / open collector (OPC-VG1-PGo)
  • PG interface card / ABS encoder with 17 bit resolution (OPC-VG1-SPGT)
  • PG card for synchronous motor drive / line driver (OPC-VG1-PMPG)
  • PG card for synchronous motor drive / open collector (OPC-VG1-PMPGo)
  • User-programmable card (OPC-VG1-UPAC)
  • Functional safety card (OPC-VG1-SAFE)
  • Resolver feedback for VG1 (OPC-VG1-RD)


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