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Excellent display capabilities at low cost

The TECHNOSHOT SMART series is easy to program and has bright TFT liquid crystal wide screen color displays. The high-resolution display and fast response characteristics give the TECHNOSHOT SMART panels excellent display capabilities at a competitive price. These panels combine the highest functionality with manageability and visibility. They speed up processes in all industries and are available in 2 different sizes (7 inches or 10 inches) to meet all system requirements.


Remote maintenance

With the TELLUS application software, the data in TECHNOSHOT can be monitored and controlled from a remote location at low cost.

8-way communication

The units can communicate with up to 8 devices from different manufacturers consisting of PLC systems and peripherals simultaneously via Ethernet or serial connections.
* With TS1070S, up to 3 models can be connected.

Consistent programming

TECHNOSHOT enables PLC programming (ladder diagram write/read) to/from the PC via Ethernet or USB connections.


You can choose between 16 screen languages without having to manage the language files.
Compatible fonts: English, Western European, Central European, Cyrillic, Greek, Turkish, Baltic, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean

Network camera

Images recorded by network cameras can be displayed on the TECHNOSHOT via Ethernet. This enables the monitoring of production lines, for example.

Remote desktop*

The screen of the server PC can be displayed and operated on a TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart via Ethernet.
*A user license for V-RemoteDT is required.

FTP server

Use FTP client tools on a computer to read and write to USB memory mounted on the TS1000 Smart.

VNC server

You can easily setup the VNC viewer tool on a computer to monitor and operate TS1000 Smart screens on the factory floor from the same computer via an Ethernet connection. In addition, monitoring and operations can be easily performed from a tablet device via a wireless router.

Security features

By setting function restrictions at user level, a high security environment can be created.

Operation log

The logged operating data (e.g. key operations, input of values) can be viewed, so that the history (information about who/when/what/how) can be checked and the causes of faults can be analyzed.

MES (Manufacturing Execution System)

Various types of information such as production performance and causes of faults and downtimes can be collected and stored in the server's database via the TECHNOSHOT and V-Server.

Trend sampling

Various operating data that can change continuously, are recorded and displayed in chronological order in a trend diagram. Zoom in on a specific area of the screen to review changing waveforms of trend graphs in more detail.


  • TS1070S-WP / TS1100S-WP (IP65 gasket):
    Gasket for TECHNOSHOT (if IP65 is required)
  • V-SFT (Screen Configuration Software):
    Supports Windows 10 / 98 SE / Me / NT Version 4.0 / 2000 / XP / XP 64 edition / Vista 32 bit / Vista 64 bit /
    Win7 32 bit / Win7 64 bit / Win8 32 bit / Win8 64 bit / Win10 32 bit / Win10 64 bit


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