Auxiliary Power Supply System

Fuji Electric provides a high efficiency and economical auxiliary power supply system (APS) for railcars used in public transportation. The APS was designed to provide less frequent stops and easier maintenance.

Fuji provides the best solution for every customer's operating service requirements.

Utility frequency (50/60Hz) isolation transformer system


  • High efficiency
    That a small number of parts in a simple circuit
    configuration, has achieved high efficiency.
  • High reliability
    That the control is simple and the number of components
    is small, has high reliability.
  • Saving maintenance
    It requires almost no maintenance

Medium frequency isolation transformer system


  • By increasing the frequency of the isolation transformer, it becomes about one-tenth the size and weight of the inductor and the transformer, and has achieved a reduction in box size and weight.

Auxiliary power unit of Fuji Electric has been used in any environment in the world.

Examples of supply areas
Cold area: Kyiv Metro, Ukraine
Tropical zone: Singapore Mass Rapid Transit
Americas: Washington D.C. Metro
Europe: Kyiv Metro, Ukraine
African Continent: South Africa
Australian Continent: New South Wales
Europe: Kyiv Metro, Ukraine

Examples of specification

kind of car (Kind of el. equipment)InputOuputMaximum Capacity
Electric car (static inverter) DC1500V
AC440V, 3φ
AC380V, 3φ
AC440V, 3φ
Diesel train (Engine generator) Engine for propulsion
Variable speed gen
Constant speed gen.
AC440V, 3 φ
Passenger car (Engine generator) Engine for generator AC440V, 3 φ 440kVA



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