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Fuji’s semiconductors: On the forefront of innovation

Semiconductors play a crucial role in the production of electronic devices and are thus an important part of our daily lives. Over the past 50 years, advancements in semiconductor technology have helped making electronic devices smaller, faster, more reliable and efficient – just think about the smartphone.
Fuji Electric is proud to be at the forefront of these innovations, offering high-performance power semiconductors for energy, automotive and industrial applications. In addition to MOSFET devices and diodes, Fuji Electric’s environmentally friendly product range includes power semiconductor modules, which are an indispensable component in energy-saving power electronics, and control ICs, which are required in high-efficiency power supplies.

What are Power Semiconductors?

A "semiconductor" is a substance that, as its name suggests, is characterized for "conducting" electricity easily, while at the same time, working as an "insulator" to prevent the flow of electricity.
By using semiconductors, it becomes possible to perform "rectification" for the one-directional flow of electricity, "amplification" for increasing electrical signals, and "switching" to open and close the flow of electricity.

Power semiconductors can handle high voltages and large currents.

They possess a structure that is different from regular semiconductors, enabling them to handle high voltages and large currents without damage. Failures may occur due to a rise in temperatures resulting from heat generated during switching of large power. Therefore, we have worked to develop ways to reduce the amount of power semiconductor loss, which is the cause of the heat generation, while also effectively releasing the generated heat to the outside.

Power semiconductors are mostly used in power conversion such as in changing voltages and frequencies, as well as changing direct to alternating current (DC->AC) and vice versa. Power semiconductors play a huge and indispensable role in accurately driving motors from low to high speeds, supplying power grids with power generated from solar cells with less power losses, and providing a stable source of electricity to various home appliances and electrical equipment. In recent years, there has been a greater awareness for the need of energy-savings and power consumption reductions, and as a result, the need for power semiconductors that minimize power loss has been increasing.

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