Alpha 7

When industrial high-tech equipment is developing and advancing fast, you need a well responsive servo system which proves reliable high precision. The supremely elaborated control functions turned Fuji Servo System ALPHA7 into one of the fastest and most precise servo systems on the market of drive control. It supports a wide range of monitoring functions and delivers extreme safety at the same time. Customer requirements are being met to the point: it improves productivity, reduces costs, and provides safety.




  • Speed: Speed and frequency response at 3.2 kHz realizes ultra-high-speed control. Fuji's proprietary control algorithm achieves a speed and frequency response at 3.2kHz, the highest level in the industry. This reduces the tact time, enabling high-speed control.
  • Strength: Maximum instantaneous torque of 350%* enables response to high-speed commands. The maximum instantaneous torque of the servo
    motor is now as high as 350%. *This is applicable only to certain models.
  • Precision: The 24-bit fine resolution INC/ABS encoder significantly improves the precision of control. The encoder resolution is now as high as 24 bits. This provides much higher control precision than before, enabling high-precision control.
  • Safety: Safer operations are ensured by various safety functions. Standard equipment includes the STO function defined in the international standard IEC61800-5-2. In addition, the WSU-ST1 option adds support for SS1, SLS, SBC, and SSM. These safety functions can be easily configured with parameters.


  • Functional Safety option WSU-ST1
    (SS1, SLS, SBC, SSM, ISO13849-1 Cat. 3 PL-d, IEC61508 SIL2, IEC62061 SIL CL2)
    To be installed on the side face of Alpha7 amplifier main unit.
    Control power +24 V required.