X1 Series


The Fuji Electric / HAKKO ELECTRONICS X1 series standard model is the new DATA CENTER edge computer, for the purpose of making manufacturing sites and customer applications smarter and more efficient.



The X1 series features broad FA and IT connectivity and flexibility to digitize your factory.

X1151iSD / X1151iSRD / X1121iSD / X1121iSRD

*1 Only pictures and 3D parts available for HMI screens
*2 Only R-type available



Compatible with OPC UA Server and Client

  • The X1 series is equipped with OPC UA server and client, so data can be collected by connecting to both offices and production sites.
  • Even if devices at the production site are incompatible with OPC UA, the X1 series can fulfil the role of a gateway to OPC UA in order to transfer data to OPC UA clients in the host system.
  • OPC UA enables data sharing between production sites and the host system, and facilitates the standardization of equipment.

Application example: Workpiece conveyor

The X1 series collects data from multiple machines at production sites and shares it with the host system via OPC UA. This helps to improve productivity and product quality, and it facilitates the standardization of equipment. Adoption of the X1 series for devices equipped with industrial robots adds further value to the robots that contribute to factory automation.

Cloud (MQTT) Compatible

Operation data, production data, status data, etc. are sent to the cloud system via MQTT for collection and storage. It contributes to the visualization and improvement of the factory.

Since the system is linked with the Microsoft Azure platform, various tools and frameworks of the cloud service can be used.

Application example: Pharmaceutical equipment

Increased efficiency and improvement of the production system is realized by connecting to the cloud and analyzing, visualizing and
identifying trends of the collected data. Besides, it contributes to ensuring the security in pharmaceutical manufacturing by installing the X1 series on pharmaceutical equipment that requires high-level security management.

Standardized Web Browser

Since the X1 series is equipped with a web browser as standard, it is possible to use the browser function in applications and IT systems. When combined with a monitoring system or network cameras, it is possible to monitor different machines on the network, and to check each status easily.

Utilization of User Applications

Windows applications can be freely operated at production sites. Once engineering tools of production machines are installed on the X1 series, it is possible to edit and monitor the program through the X1 series without bringing a PC to the production site.
In addition, it is possible to reduce maintenance tasks and the space required for PCs at the production site by integrating PCs with the X1 series. The X1 series with Windows applications improve versatility and expandability, as well as functioning of HMIs.

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics enable high quality and tailored screen creation as it allows the enlargement/reduction of parts while maintaining a clear image.

Application Alignment

Active applications can be aligned by pressing the button without using the keyboard or the mouse. This function helps you to switch multiple application windows easily and improves operability.