Web Machine Interface

“Web Machine Interface”, the new acronym developed by Hakko Electronics, is the interface method by which multiple equipment or machines are linked by a host control system which is accessible and controllable on the web. It is the new concept which allows the users to get an enormous added value by the di- rect access to the web of their machines, plants and applications.

Remote access to various devices

Easy access by daily devices

Remote monitoring, maintenance and teleservice

No more business trips are required when machines stop with failures or when customers ask for changing settings. With using the VPN remote access service and VPN cloud data utilization service*, users are able to make maintenance as well as monitoring anywhere where there is internet. *coming soon

Various Markets

Supporting the “Predictive Maintenance”

Thanks to the flexible accessibility to data and information, users are able to monitor the operational status of machines or equipment easily at any time, anywhere. It enables users to catch the sign of abnormalities or possible failures on their machines and plan countermeasures before it breaks down. This allows an easier maintenance and gives good service and reliability to the customer.

Available range of Monitouch V9 series (W/VPN)