NEW - WMI: Monitouch V9 Series

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We present the new MONITOUCH V9 series.

From  Human Machine Interface  to  Web Machine Interface

The biggest revolution in Graphical User Interfaces. A new concept, a new philosophy, which enables every System Integrator to take advantage of  the latest remote VPN access technologies offered by global networking, without any specific knowledge!

  • VPN router inside:
    The routing function enables connection to any devices connected with a V9 via Ethernet, with one click access to VPN
  • No need for IP masquerade setting:
    The VPN function which constructs a virtual private network whithin a public network, enables secure remote monitoring
  • Can be used as both WMI (Web Machine Interface) and HMI (Human Machine Interface)

MONITOUCH V9 series (V9080iSLD and V9100iSLD) are fully compatible with VPN.
You can access PLC and FRENIC series inverters through V9 series remotely.


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