New Fuji Electric installation in Huesca (Spain)

in Drives & Automation

The Spanish branch of Fuji Electric, together with ATERSA and Ehisa (Grupo Elecnor), has built a solar pumping facility in Estadilla (Huesca) on a 2 856 m2 area of irrigated land.

Solar Pumping Installation - watch video here

The Fuji Electric FRENIC-Ace Solar Pumping 160 kW inverter and the Monitouch V9 display were installed for this project.

This installation has 242,42 kWp power photovoltaic panels installed on a 1 598 m2 area, and a 160 kW water pump. The water is transported from one water tank to another, located approximately 1 km away and raised over a 60 m slope, in order to irrigate by gravity.

The field has a potential water volume of 1 555 122 m3/year. Due to the self sufficient photovoltaic energy and the energy saving of our Fuji Electric inverters, a cubic meter of pumped water ended up at just 0,024 €/m3.

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