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June 1st 2018: Carlos Poyatos appointed as new General Manager for Drives & Automation at Fuji Electric Europe GmbH. José-Antonio Alemany accepts new overseas assignment at Fuji Electric Corp. of America to manage the Power Electronic Systems Division.  

José-Antonio Alemany accepts a new assignment after 20 years at Fuji Electric Europe GmbH in Germany and Spain. The former Vice President, Managing Director and General Manager of Drives & Automation Europe is now moving to Fuji Electric Corp. of America in order to manage the Power Electronic Systems Division, especially Low Voltage Drives business.
Mr. Alemany is leaving footsteps of great success and contribution in the D&A business development in the EMEA area. His successor is Carlos Poyatos.

  A message from the new General Manager of
Drives & Automation Division of Fuji Electric Europe GmbH:

"41 years old Power Electronics graduated engineer. Executive Master in Marketing and Sales direction. 23 years working experience from which the last 10 at Fuji Electric Europe GmbH.
My relation with Fuji Electric Europe GmbH (FEE) started already almost 9 years before joining the company in 2008. During the last 10 years I’ve had the chance to go through different responsibilities like Marketing, Sales, Business Planning & Marketing, Deputy division manager and now Drives and Automation Division general manager.
In this period I’ve had the chance to work with an excellent international team inside the organization, as well as with our customers and partners.
We, Drives and Automation Division are a great family. Together we’ve faced several challenges, but always gone through with our passion, effort and professionality.
In these years, we’ve transformed our company into a more structured, professional and international company who’s looking at the future with ambition and the confidence of knowing that results from good job always arrive. Big part of this ambition relies on the big organization that we belong to and the superior quality of the products we sell.
One of our goals is to transmit this spirit and quality to our customers and partners every time they contact Fuji Electric Europe GmbH or receive a product or service from us.
I am completely motivated, confident and enthusiastic of the honour and responsibility of leading this great team towards a continuous successful future together with our customers and partners."

Yours sincerely,

Carlos Poyatos Fernández

General Manager Drives & Automation Division
Fuji Electric Europe GmbH

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