FRENIC-Multi is an all-round inverter which is also very suitable for the lift technology. The many possibilities, which the FRENIC-Multi offers, make us call the inverter "the universal inverter". The FRENIC-Multi inverter offers highest standards of control and performance. Furthermore the FRENIC-Multi offers shortened setting time in slip compensation control. Speed control accuracy at low speed is improved by "slip-compensation control" and "voltage tuning".
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  • Fuji Electric High Performance Compact Inverter
  • Availability from 0.1 kW to 15kW
  • EMC Filter Buil-tin type (Semi-standard)
  • Gentle to the environment
  • Simple and thorough maintenance
  • Simple operation, simple wiring
  • Advanced LCD/LED keypad with clear text description and copy function (3 complete function sets)

Option cards

Fieldbus Options

  • DeviceNet communication card (OPC-E1-DEV)
  • Profibus-DP communication card (OPC-E1-PDP)
  • CC-Link communication card (OPC-E1-CCL)

Other Options

  • Additional digital input/output card (OPC-DIO)
  • PG (encoder) interface 12~15V HTL (OPC-E1-PG3)
  • PG (encoder) interface 5V TTL (not line driver) (OPC-E1-PG)
  • RS-485 option with 2 RJ45 connectors for branch connection (OPC-E1-RS)
  • PG (encoder) interface 5V TTL (not line driver) for synchronous operation (OPC-E1-SY)