Fuji Electric green data centers

Fuji Electric Low PUE Data Center – To achieve PUE 1.2X

  • We are helping to reduce the impact on the environment by using high-efficiency equipment for energy-saving electric power usage and air conditioning, and by using visualization to propose energy optimization.
  • We have an abundant line-up of solutions for constructing your green data center.
  • We offer a one-stop solution from design through construction.
  • We develop and produce mainly in Japan and Asian factories – and are in all questions right by your side in Europe.
  • Depending on the size of your project and the seat of your company we can provide the CE certification according to EU standards.

Fuji Products for Data Center

Applicable to all types of data centers: modular type

Modular Data Center (Basic configuration)

Main component specifications

Server block basic module

  • 80 server racks of storage, Server load: 400kW(sever unit average load: 5kW)
  • Smallest unit: 10 server racks 
  • Robust seismic performance, up to 1000 gal

Indirect outside air conditioning unit

  • No concern about dust such as PM2.5, SOX or NOX
  • Year-round operation possible
  • Utilizes high-insulation housing

UPS block

  • 500kVA UPS, high efficiency of 96.5%
  • Standby redundancy operation with the common UPS building

Example of application to a container type data center

Based on the container enclosure, the hardware required for the data center is assembled as one package.


  • Server container (1 to 8 racks of storage)
    Sever average load: 12.5kW
  • Air conditioner : 4 units
    F-COOL NEO cooling capacity: 25kW
  • Incoming panel

Example of application to a building type data center

Example of partitioning part of the floor, in a building application

  • Compatible with various types of floors
  • Can be expanded in phases with short delivery time

High efficiency Large capacity UPS7000HX-T4

High efficiency

Adopting RB-IGBT, achieve high efficiency, 96.5%


Footprint is 35% reduced by reducing number of parts and minimizing the parts.


Unit Capacity is 500kVA (PF=0.9, 450kW).
8 units can be placed in parallel at the maximum and maximum capacity will be 4000kVA.

Indirect outside air conditioning unit F-COOL NEO

Energy-saving cooling method using outside air indirectly

Less Infrastructure
Water supply not required for cooling water or vaporization Necessary infrastructure is only electric power

Built-in compressor type refrigerator
Utilization of outside air with hybrid system
- Annual rated cooling power of 25 kW and 40 kW
- Copes with high-humidity environments

Utilization of outside air energy
Indirect air usage method
Shuts out causes of corrosion from the outdoors Utilization of outside air throughout the year

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