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Low voltage Drives

Compatible, reliable, energy saving

FRENIC-Ace-H is a low voltage drive that offers optimal energy-saving possibilities in HVAC and pump applications. Ease of use, network compatibility and long-term reliability are paramount. With its user-defined logic, FRENIC-Ace-H makes it possible to tailor functionalities to specific needs and applications.




  • User-defined logic, outstanding flexibility
  • Quadruple rating
  • CANopen communication integrated as standard
  • Capacity range up to 220 kW in HHD
  • Wide range of functions as standard features
  • Functional reliability: STO function as standard
  • 10 years design lifetime
  • Multifunctionial keypad
  • Simple keypad with USB port

Option cards


  • DeviceNet (OPC-DEV)
  • RS 485 (OPC-E2-RS)
  • CANopen (OPC-COP2)
  • CC-Link (OPC-CCL)
  • LonWorks®
  • BACNet/IP / Ethernet/IP / Profinet I/O
  • Relay output
  • Analog I/O expansion
  • Digital I/O expansion
  • Thermistor Pt100 input card


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