Passenger Door Operating System

Fuji Electric supplies a high-performance propulsion system that uses an optimized acceleration/ deceleration system by Stator-flux-based vector control. This level of performance provides greater passenger comfort. Fuji Electric’s propulsion systems are being utilized by all models of the Japanese Shinkansen (Bullet train).

Electric Driven Door System for Rolling Stock

Fuji Electric contributes to the safety and Comfortableness of
the transportation system by supplying the electrical drive door
system for rolling stock with state-of the art power electronics


  • Advanced power electronics and softwaretechnology to integrate safety design
  • Accurate and intelligent performance in obstacledetection
  • Small and light equipment with flat motor to simply refurbish from a pneumatic system
  • Easy maintenance and inspection free from pneumatic piping
  • Simplified installation structure without pneumatic piping
  • Direct drive mechanism to provide super high reliability than ball screw mechanism

Linear motor driven type door system establishing best
performance record in urban commuter trains

Accurate performance in obstacle detection

  • High reliability and safety design
  • Intelligent failure diagnosis function
  • Efficient maintainability and serviceability
  • Low-friction mechanism for easy manual door operation in emergency and maintenance

Revenue service started in: 2012
Lines of operation: Xinyi/Songshan line
Revenue service started in : MAR. 2008
Line of operation: Tokaido line, Joban line (local service),
Shonan-Shinjuku line, Keiyo line, Tohoku-Jukan line,
Saikyo line, Yokohama line
Thrust 150N max.
Stroke 750mm/panel
Moving speed 0.35m/s
Power supply voltage 110V DC
Control method Sinusoidal PWM
Function Monitoring function, serial transmission, etc

Standby redundant control system to provide
without malfunction in case of accidental failure.

Thrust 40N (500N max.)
Stroke 650mm
Moving speed 0.36m/s max.
Power supply voltage 100V DC
Control method Sinusoidal PWM
Function Monitoring function, serial transmission, etc.