History of Fuji Electric’s fuel-cell research and development

We at Fuji Electric were a pioneer in researching and developing phosphoric-acid fuel-cell packages in Japan. We have supplied them to customers in capacities ranging from several kW to 5MW. We have extensively researched the use of various fuels for fuel cells. We constructed a factory dedicated to manufacturing phosphoric-acid fuel cells earlier than any other company. We have evaluated the durability of such fuel cells over the years. 1998 is the first year we began selling our commercial model incorporating the knowhow we had accumulated. In addition to phosphoric-acid fuel cells, we have developed polymer electrolyte fuel cells. We have also developed alkaline, molten carbonate and solid oxide fuel cells. We are fully committed to continuing our efforts to promote the widespread use of fuel cells.

Phosphoric-acid fuel cell (PAFC) Polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC)
  • 1963
    Began developing fuel cells

  • 1973
    Development of phosphoric-acid fuel cells commenced.

  • 1980-1983
    30kW fuel-cell packages supplied to Kansai Electric Power Company.

  • 1984-1990
    1MW package with pressurized fuel cells supplied to Kansai Electric Power Company.

  • 1986-1990
    200kW methanol-fed fuel-cell packages for islands supplied to X。

    From 1983 to 1989: small fuel cells for forklifts were developed.

  • 1987-1989
    14 50kW fuel-cell packages supplied to Kansai Electric Power Company’s Rokko Island.

  • 1989
    Research on polymer electrolyte fuel cells commenced.

  • 1991-2001
    50kW fuel-cell packages supplied to various power companies.

  • 1991-1996
    5MW packages with pressurized fuel cells supplied to Kansai Electric Power Company.

  • 1992-1997
    Bus-mounted fuel-cell package supplied to DOE (Department of Energy) in USA.

  • 1996
    Proof-of-concept tests on fuel-cell package fed with by-product hydrogen commenced. (Completed in 2001.)

  • 1997
    Proof-of-concept tests on commercial prototype fuel-cell package commenced. (Completed in 2002.)

  • 1998
    First commercial model (100kW PAFC, Type FP-100E) shipped.

  • 2001
    Second commercial model (100kW PAFC, Type FP-100F) shipped.

  • 2002
    First fuel-cell package supplied to sewage treatment plant in Yamagata City.

  • 2004
    Second commercial model (100kW PAFC, Type FP-100G) capable of operating for 60,000 hours launched on market.

  • 2006
    Four fuel-cell packages shipped to sewage treatment plant in Kumamoto City.

  • 2007
    Standard commercial model (100kW PAFC, Type FP-100H) developed.

  • 2009
    100kW PAFC, Type FP-100i launched on market.

    Nikkei Excellent Product and Services Prize awarded to Fuji Electric for the high efficiency and eco-friendliness of the Type FP-100i fuel-cell package.

  • 2002
    First prototype completed.

  • 2003
    Second prototype completed.

  • 2004
    Third prototype completed.

  • 2005
    Proof-of-concept tests commenced in Mie Prefecture. (Completed in 2007.)

  • 2005
    Fourth prototype completed.

    Proof-of-concept tests performed by Kyushu University and Japan Gas Association.

  • 2009
    Durability tests performed for 22,000 hours. 2,260 start and stop operations completed.