Pressure Sensors

Fuji Electric sensors provide absolute and relative pressure measurement with high accuracy due to digital trimming and with a wide pressure range, full scale up to 700kPa absolute or 45MkPa relative. High accuracy sensors for Fuel Tank applications from -6kPa to +6kPa or specially designed exhaust gas sensor for the usage in the Diesel Particle Filter for example are also available. The sensors are provided with an overvoltage protection circuit, an EMC filter, and a surge protective device in the sensor chip; surge protection conforms to ISO7637-level 4 for automatic components and high reliability ensured by EPROM bit redundancy. Each sensor has a diagnostic self-detecting function in the event of a wire opened among Vcc, Vout and GND terminals.

Fuji offers analog as well as digital Pressure Sensors with a SENT interface.

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