IGBT Modules

Fuji Electric automotive qualified high performance IGBT modules use the latest 7th generation reverse conducting IGBT Chip. Fuji Electric´s IGBT modules for EV, HEV/PHEV employ a closed direct water-cooled aluminum jacket, which leads to a reduction of the thermal resistance about 40% compared to a conventional fin type heat sink and achieving high power density and a light weight compact package.

With new developed technologies the Tjopt increased to 175°C continuous operating temperature. This leads to an about 25% higher output power and a high power cycling capability which is more than twice as high as conventional technology at Tjmax=150°C.

Fuji Electric automotive IGBT modules are equipped with an On-chip temperature sensing diode, which provides a high accuracy temperature measurement.
All Fuji Electric automotive modules are RoHS compliant. These highly reliable products continue the long heritage of Fuji Electric’s automotive modules, which are used in mass production for passenger cars since 2005!

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