Acquisition of Germany’s N₂telligence GmbH. to strengthen Fuel Cell Business

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Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. (FE) is pleased to announce that its European subsidiary, Fuji Electric Europe mbH (FEE) has acquired a 70% share in N₂telligence GmbH (N2), a fuel cell business based in Wismar, Germany.


In tune with our "expansion of energy-related  business" and "globalization" policies, we are  increasing our business in geothermal, hydro, PV and other clean & renewable energy sources. With our 100 kW phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) we are now a leader in industrial Fuel Cells manufacture, with fleet references in Japan, Korea, Germany, USA and South Africa.

Fuel Cells use natural gas or hydrogen to produce  electricity with very little energy loss, with low vibration and noise emission and with excellent energy efficiency of around 90% (combined electricity and heat). By utilising the heat produced during power generation, they also reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The exhaust air produced by Fuel Cells contains  much less oxygen than atmospheric air and can be pumped into any structure, to create a fire-retardant environment. In this way, Fuel Cells can be exploited for fire-prevention.

Purpose of Acquisition

In Germany, low-oxygen fire prevention systems are on the increase. As part of disaster-prevention measures in  warehouses and Internet Data Centers (IDC),  low-oxygen air from fuel cells or traditional  ompressors eliminates the risk of damage which would be caused by water or chemicals used in conventional fire extinguishers. Fuel cells have a  distinct advantage over compressors, because they produce low-oxygen air while they are generating  power, whereas compressors consume energy in  order to produce low-oxygen air. In Germany, approximately 1,000 low-oxygen systems are  currently operational and annual growth of 20% is anticipated in this market.

N₂telligence GmbH holds the exclusive license to the patent of this fire prevention system using the  exhaust air from Fuel Cells and, since establishing a co-operative business with FE in 2009, has sold Fuel Cells made by FE to major automobile  manufacturers, IDCs and other facilities. The purpose of this acquisition is to strengthen and expand FE's  fuel cell business in Germany and other parts of Europe.

Specific Efforts

  • Strengthening of Engineering Capabilities

Adding to N2’s exclusive patent license and its commercial distribution networks, we will use our technological capabilities to strengthen the  company’s engineering capabilities, from sales through to after-sales service.

  • Establishment of Local Production Systems

We will inject FE’s Fuel Cell design and manufacturing experience and know-how into the company and begin local production to reduce costs and shorten delivery times.

Overview of Company acquired

Company name:         N2 telligence GmbH.
Year established:        2006
Location:                     Wismar, Germany
Representative:           Mr. Lars Frahm, Mr. Andreas Exler, co-CEOs (both founders)
Business:                    Sales and engineering of fuel cells and peripheral equipment

Overview of New Company

Company Name:         Fuji N2 telligence GmbH.
Capital Payment:         January 11, 2016
Equity Shares:             Fuji Electric Europe GmbH: 70%; Founders (2): 30%
Sales Target:               ¥5 billion in FY2018

  •   Equity Structure After Investment

Overview of Related Subsidiary

Company name:          Fuji Electric Europe GmbH
Year established:         1987
Location:                      Offenbach am Main, Germany
Representative:           Peter Hermann Maier
Business:                     Electric & electronic equipment and components sales
Equity share:                Fuji Electric 100%

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